Flemington New Jersey'sMost Terrifying
Halloween Event.

Experience all 4 horrifying attractions starting from $35!

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We are COVID compliant. We ask that all customers wear a face covering/mask and practice social distancing. Temperature screenings will be conducted. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will not be permitted to enter. Do not join us if you are experiencing flu – like or COVID – like symptoms or are ill. Wagons will be sanitized after every use and we’ll have hand sanitizer at each gate. We will be following the CDC’s guidelines to keep our customers and staff safe.

Where Terror
Harvests Your Fears.

Spend 45 minutes making your way through 200+ acres of Fright. It starts with our Hair Raising Hayride that “Scares the YELL out of You”, then we let you off in the middle of nowhere for a Treacherous Trek through the “Trail of Terror”, then just when you think you have had

enough and begin see that you are almost home, you realize the only way back is through the MassAcre Maize, a Casual Run for your Life; once it is over you find that the path is blocked, and you must enter your final Nightmare, the Carnevil of Chaos!

Our Haunted Attractions

Our attractions are a high scare/startle experience. You may encounter strobe lights, audio and visual disturbances, uneven terrain, mud, blood, gore, disturbing scenes, foul language, low lighting, synthetic fog, damp, wet, or slippery conditions and tight spaces. Actors will invade your personal space and being touched is always a possibility. Parental discretion is advised. We do not recommend FARM OF HORRORS for children under 13 years of age, however all children are different and it is up to the parent/guardian/personal attending with the child to know his/her child’s limitations and fears. While every effort is made to ensure your safety we do not recommend you should participate in our haunted attractions if you are pregnant, prone to seizures, heart attacks, panic attacks, suffer from claustrophobia, asthma/respiratory problems or have health issues. We are here to awaken your senses and give you a Bloody Good Scare!

Hayride of Horror

Be prepared to be pray for almost anything! What you will get are high octane thrills, chills and unexpected twists and turns.


Trail of Terror

Your horrifying journey through our “Trail of Terror”
and haunted graveyard should help you
remember your loved ones.


Massacre Maize

Dare to enter the MassAcre Maize, which begins with a Casual Run for your Life! You never know what lurks behind the next corn stalk.


Carnevil of Chaos

The Carnevil of Chaos brings new fear for 2020 with the Rise of the Phoenix! In these post apoplectic times, a band of brothers unite to survive the wasteland... will you become the prey or the victor? Only the strong will survive!


2020 Event Schedule

Oct 3 – Oct 31

Farm Of Horrors opening weekend is Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th. Then open and running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night in October 2020.

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