Experience all 4 horrifying attractions for just $30!

“Ride, Walk and then Run For Your LIFE” at Hunterdon County, New Jersey’s Original & Most Sought After Halloween Attractions!

Farm Of Horrors will be opening Friday, September 27th and Saturday, September 28th (closed Sunday, September 29th). Then open and running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night in October, as well as Friday, November 1st and Saturday, November 2nd 2019.

“We get people who come here Every Year from as far away as Brooklyn, New York City and Philadelphia!”

Hayride of Horror

Get ready for a “Hair Raising Time” making your way through 200 acres of Haunted Attractions! You will start by wandering through a ghoulish gateway to our straw covered wagons. Be prepared to be pray for almost anything; because what you will get is: high octane thrills, chills and unexpected twists and turns. Make sure to Come Well Rested, because jumping, screaming and getting the YELL Scared out of You, will take its toll for 45 minutes of continuous “Hayride Horror”.

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Trail of Terror

Near the End of the Hayride, we will drop you off for a casual stroll to catch your breath. Your horrifying journey through our “Trail of Terror” and haunted graveyard should help you remember your loved ones. We have many visitors here (mostly ghosts, ghouls, and monsters). Visit the Walking DEAD, and Watch out for Open Graves! Once out of the Graveyard, we will get back onto the wagon for a short trip to MassAcre Maize.

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MassAcre Maize

Dare to Enter the MassAcre Maize, which begins with a Casual Run for your Life! This field is large, so don’t get lost. You never know what lurks behind the next corn stalk. It is rumored that this field is haunted by an Ancient Tribe of Cannibal Zombies with a strange attraction to Power Equipment. Hope you still have the energy to make your way out!

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CarNevil of Chaos

The virus is spreading! Following protocol, we’ve built a triage for all refuges and a decontamination center complete with a testing lab. Our doctors have worked night and day to try and cure this inhumane virus. But now the virus is so out of control that our containment camps have been overrun. Come to see how fragile humanity really is.

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